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Push Plastic

Intamsys Funmat PRO HT 410

Intamsys Funmat PRO HT 410

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Introducting the Funmat PRO 410 3D printer from Intamsys

High Build Volume AND High Tempurature Industrial 3D Printer

  • Heated Build Chamber (up to 90C)
  • Heated Build Platform (up to 160C)
  • Dual Nozzle with Water Cooling
  • Auto Leveling
  • Heated Filament Chamber up to 70C
  • Functional material capability (PC, PEEK , ULTEM, PPSU, etc)


Build Volume: 305 x 305 x 406 mm (12"x12"x16")

Build Platform: Ceramic glass

Layer Thickness: 0.05 - 0.3mm

Print Speed: 30-300mm/s

Extruder temp: 500C

Platform temp: 160C

Chamber temp: 90C

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Position Accuracy: X/Y: 12.5um Z: 1.25um


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