Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions and weights of your different spools?

This document contains all of the reel sizes and weights.

What's your return policy?

All products are laser-monitored during production. In the rare case there is a defect, we will issue a replacement or refund once the defect is verified.

What are standard processing times?

We process nearly all orders in 1 business day. Larger rolls and larger orders can take 2-3 days to prepare. Ship times vary by shipping method, but are generally delivered in less than a week.

My reel lost its vacuum seal, is it bad?

No! All filament is shrink wrapped with enough desiccant to keep the surrounding air in the bag dry, regardless if the bag is punctured or not.

How fast is free shipping?

Our free shipping rate usually arrives within 3-6 business days via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery.

What are the tolerances of your filaments?

We guarantee our filaments match or exceed the industry-standard of ±0.05mm in diameter.

What temperature settings should I use?

Each material is different. See our print settings page for specifics.

Do you use scrap/recycled plastic in your filament?

We use 100% virgin resins for all of our products.