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Monthly Subscription Box


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Push Plastic's Monthly Subscription box will contain 2kg of basic or specialty filaments shipped to you each month. All boxes come with a coupon code and Push Plastic sticker. No two boxes are the same! 


3 Months

6 Months

Basic Box

Filaments to Include:  PLA Only

Could include transition color spools, colors not offered on the site, filled PLA, and more!



Specialty Box

To include 2 of the following: PETG, ABS, PC+PBT, PC, TPU, or Carbon Fiber

Could include 2 or more different materials, experimental filaments, colors not offered on the website, and more!




 Boxes will ship on the first business day of each month, and orders must be submitted by the 25th to be included in the next months subscription box. Each specialty box will come with printing instructions. 

ANY items ordered on the same invoice will ship with subscription box on the first of each month.