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Filament Samples

Collections: SAMPLES

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Filament Sample Packs 

MIXED STARTER PACK - 200 grams of PLA, ABS, and PETG

Carbon Fiber (CF) Pack - 100 grams of CF ABS and CF PETG

Filled PLA Pack - 100 grams of Stainless fill, Bronze fill, and Wood fill PLA (2.85mm Pack is only WoodFill)

Exotic Pack - 100 grams of TPU, PC/PBT, ASA, Low Warp ABS, and HHPLA

PLA Starter Pack - 200 grams of 1 random color of PLA

ABS Starter Pack - 200 grams of 1 random color of ABS

PLA Color Pack - 200 grams of 5 random different colors of PLA

ABS Color Pack - 200 grams of 5 random different colors of ABS

PMMA (Acrylic) - 100 grams of Natural PMMA

BVOH - 100 grams of Natural BVOH (water soluble) 


In order to print these coils best, download and print our 

collapsible reel!

Or a customers design:


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